Sleep Like A Baby Blend


Life can be demanding and we need to have ample rest to meet the challenges. Had a long day? The Sleep Like A Baby Blend may help you get a more restful sleep.

Essential Oil Constituents

  • Frankincense – Aroma is grounding. Promotes a sense of peace
  • Lavender – Promotes restful sleep. Encourages a better mood and promotes a sense of calm and relaxation

Suggested Essential Oil Ratios

Lavender 2 : Frankincense 1

Topical Application
Lavender 2 : Frankincense 1 : Ample carrier oil

The Bottom Line

The Sleep Like A Baby Blend is great after a long day. The peaceful and relaxing scent helps to ease oneself into a restful sleep. You can try practicing slow and deep breathing to further enhance the sense of calmness for the routine.

It is important to read up on the individual essential oils for details and cautions.

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