Most Popular Essential Oil 2019

As the year draws to a close, we embrace wholesome living and celebrate the goodness of it. These essential oils are gifts from nature and with knowledge, we uncover the marvel inside.

Which essential oil enjoys the crown of being the most popular on our free essential oils reference guide?

Clary Sage Is The Most Popular

A herbaceous perennial plant that is native to the Northern Mediterranean Basin and some areas of North Africa and Central Asia, Clary Sage is popular for all the great reasons!

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It supports the female hormonal function and promotes healthy looking skin. Both of which are important facets in wellness. Don’t let that pastel look fool you as it does pack a punch and is unfriendly towards germs too.

On the emotional side of things, many found Clary Sage comforting during stressful times. Together with relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, many felt a sense of calm, having been uplifted from the emotional pressure. Often, a restful sleep follows.

Having said so, as we always emphasized, proper knowledge is important and using essential oils responsibly is a must. There are a number of public knowledge cautions for Clary Sage and hence do be mindful of it. Proceed to the Clary Sage essential oil page for more details.

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