Christmas Holiday Blend


Christmas is upon us! As we look forward to that special day, it is also a time for celebrations and holidays. Enhance your gatherings by diffusing the Christmas Holiday essential oil recipe.

Essential Oil Constituents

  • Idaho Balsam Fir – Aroma promotes a sense of peace, calm and groundedness. Adds a unique scent to the Christmas atmosphere.
  • Lemon – Aroma promotes feelings of happiness and helps to bring attention to the moment.
  • Pine – Aroma is calming and grounding. Woody scent adds to the Christmas atmosphere.

Suggested Essential Oil Ratios

Idaho Balsam Fir 1 : Lemon 1 : Pine 2

Topical Application
Idaho Balsam Fir 1 : Lemon 1 : Pine 2 : Ample carrier oil

The Bottom Line

We love the woody green scent created as a result of synergy between the constituents. The tinge of Lemon lifts up the mood and brings everyone to the moment. Both the Idaho Balsam Fir and Lemon essential oils give a strong aroma and this recipe factors that in by reducing the ratio. The outcome is a celebratory and joyous atmosphere that is blissful.

It is important to read up on the individual essential oils for details and cautions.

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